the artist

"Beauty blossoms in the presence of confidence."

- sahar fotouhi

     "Conceptual beauty fused with humor" is the heart of Yellow, Sahar Fotouhi's audacious leap into the bridal fashion scene. As Sahar explains, "I am passionately dedicated to crafting wearable pieces of art that seamlessly blend both traditional and modern design."

     Sahar Fotouhi is a skilled fine artist, boasting a rich background honed through her work with a myriad of couture and high-end brands, including the likes of Thom Brown, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, and Max Azria. Here, she honed her skills and specialized in artistic design, couture, and textiles. Her impressive journey was further complimented with an advanced education at the prestigious Parson's School of Design in New York City.

yellow by sahar

   Yellow by Sahar burst onto the bridal scene, splashing its fearless color in a world traditionally dominated by white. Yellow not only stood out for its hue but also set itself apart by introducing conceptual couture that transcends mere design. Sahar's diverse life experiences formed the cornerstone of her creation of 'A New Look for Women.' This concept lies close to Sahar's heart as it encapsulates her commitment to infusing bridal design with fresh perspectives, innovatively weaving the threads of the classical and contemporary worlds.

Yellow stands unique in its embodiment of Sahar's philosophy - it is a brand that embraces the boundless nature of design and creativity.